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Dr. Magda Coming Back Summer 2024!!

Can’t wait to talk with you all again!! 

I am a physician (a medical doctor) and a Geriatrician (specialist in aging WELL) and a Palliative/Supportive Care doctor. I have an interest in integrative medicine as well, and have committed myself to ongoing education on these topics. Yep, I keep things interesting. I also like to talk about real things.  

Some of the conversations that need to happen aren’t happening,  so I decided to create a podcast to change that. I love talking about “medical” stuff, for sure, but I also like to talk about the really hard stuff, dying, getting sick, getting older, losing people, losing yourself… stuff that’s difficult to deal with during a 15 minute doctor’s visit. I want health care to be more than just the clinical stuff. I want it to be about your lived experience, and how YOU define health. 

I also have an interest in helping people navigate the complicated healthcare system, and offer services related to this (see the Services tab) if you are interested in this option.  We may also talk about issues related to holistic healthcare and physicians/nurses/healthcare folks who have taken their mainstream education and ended up doing something out-of-the-box with it!! 

I want to know what you care about, what you hope, what you dream, what you are afraid of. And general questions about health and wellness are ok too. 

Be real with me.

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Upcoming Episodes…

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Coming Back Fall 2023!!!!

New Dr. Magda Podcasts coming right up by popular demand.

Dr Magda – “The Magic of Hospice” with Nurse Practitioner and Bear Chaser Sara Benson

There is magic in hospice, at least according to Sara Benson, Geriatric Nurse Practitioner and a sometime Bear Chaser (you gotta listen to find out!). From the reality of working in hospice to questions of what makes a death a good one, Sara shares her unique perspective on a topic that can make people uncomfortable, …

Dr Magda – “Fighting Delirious” with Dr. Sharon Inouye, Geriatrician, Legend, Mountain Warrior

Dr. Inouye was spreading the message about the seriousness of prolonged delirium long before it was a thing. Her HELP program has made a difference in the lives of many older adults since. If you want to understand more about delirium, why it’s a serious issue and how to prevent it, this is the podcast …

Dr Magda – “Minding Our Elders, Finding Ourselves” with Author & Advocate Carol Bradley Bursack

Another story in our caregiving series… this time with author Carol Bradley Bursack, who has been listening to older adults and their caregivers for a few decades now… focusing on the feelings and experiences of new caregivers, who come to caring for older parents suddenly, and who often feel like they’ve been thrown into hot …

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