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I am a physician (a medical doctor) and a Geriatrician (specialist in aging WELL). I like to talk about real things.  Some of the conversations that need to happen aren’t happening,  so I decided to create a podcast to change that. I love talking about “medical” stuff, for sure, but I also like to talk about the really hard stuff, dying, getting sick, getting older, losing people, losing yourself… stuff that’s difficult to deal with during a 15 minute doctor’s visit. I want health care to be more than just the clinical stuff. I want it to be about your lived experience. I want it to mean something more.

I want to know what you care about, what you hope, what you dream, what you are afraid of. And general questions about medicine are ok too. 

Be real with me.

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Upcoming Episodes…

Episode #12 is the next step in our Caregivers Series! A frank conversation with advocate and author Carol Bradley Bursack, whose personal experience with caregiving led her to become a leading expert in the field.

Who is a caregiver? Why do we care about caregivers? Focusing on those new to caregiving we discuss the trials, tribulations and feelings that come with suddenly having to care for an older parent. With her website www. mindingourelders.com this podcast is meant to validate the fact that caregiving is invaluable, and although hard, can teach us a lot about ourselves too. Enjoy and if you want to share your own caregiving stories please email us at drmagda@doctormagda.com OR fill out the form below!


Dr Magda – “Minding Our Elders, Finding Ourselves” with Author & Advocate Carol Bradley Bursack

Another story in our caregiving series… this time with author Carol Bradley Bursack, who has been listening to older adults and their caregivers for a few decades now… focusing on the feelings and experiences of new caregivers, who come to caring for older parents suddenly, and who often feel like they’ve been thrown into hot …

Dr Magda – “Intersections of HIV and Aging” with Geriatrician and Seal Docent Extraordinaire, Dr. Meredith Greene

If you thought HIV was not a “thing” anymore you were wrong! Almost 50% of people living with HIV in the U.S. are over the age of 50. Dr Meredith Greene, Geriatrician at UCSF and expert in HIV/AIDS, shares her perspective on current treatment, how HIV affects us as we get older, and reveals her …

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