Dr Magda – “The Magic of Hospice” with Nurse Practitioner and Bear Chaser Sara Benson

There is magic in hospice, at least according to Sara Benson, Geriatric Nurse Practitioner and a sometime Bear Chaser (you gotta listen to find out!). From the reality of working in hospice to questions of what makes a death a good one, Sara shares her unique perspective on a topic that can make people uncomfortable, but shouldn’t really. If you want to share your hospice story contact us at drmagda@doctormagda.com. 


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Dr Magda – “Fighting Delirious” with Dr. Sharon Inouye, Geriatrician, Legend, Mountain Warrior

Dr. Inouye was spreading the message about the seriousness of prolonged delirium long before it was a thing. Her HELP program has made a difference in the lives of many older adults since. If you want to understand more about delirium, why it’s a serious issue and how to prevent it, this is the podcast for you! if you think it doesn’t matter well… let’s talk when you hit 60 or so:) Comments or questions as always at drmagda@doctormagda.com or www.doctormagda.com 

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Dr Magda – “Minding Our Elders, Finding Ourselves” with Author & Advocate Carol Bradley Bursack

Another story in our caregiving series… this time with author Carol Bradley Bursack, who has been listening to older adults and their caregivers for a few decades now… focusing on the feelings and experiences of new caregivers, who come to caring for older parents suddenly, and who often feel like they’ve been thrown into hot water. It’s worth a listen as Carol’s advice is timeless and common sense… if you have questions email us at drmagda@doctormagda.com


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Dr Magda – “Intersections of HIV and Aging” with Geriatrician and Seal Docent Extraordinaire, Dr. Meredith Greene

If you thought HIV was not a “thing” anymore you were wrong! Almost 50% of people living with HIV in the U.S. are over the age of 50. Dr Meredith Greene, Geriatrician at UCSF and expert in HIV/AIDS, shares her perspective on current treatment, how HIV affects us as we get older, and reveals her secret life as a Seal Docent at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. A treasure trove of resources await after the talk at www.doctormagda.com (Links & Resources tab). If you have questions or comments email us at drmagda@doctormagda.com 

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Dr Magda – The Grief & Hope Playlist

This episode isn’t for everyone but if you are hurting, and need to feel less alone, Dr. Magda shares her personal and professional thoughts about surviving losses of all kinds! Listen to her playlist (help others by adding to it) and her 7 tips for getting through those hard times. There have been too many losses lately, and this is a small part of your journey of healing.

Questions or comments at drmagda@doctormagda.com