Dr Magda – Sexuality and Getting Older is a Thing, Part 1

Sexual health is important no matter where you are across the adult lifespan… and it’s just like good wine… it can only get better right?! Join me in the first part of the series, which is an overview of areas related to sex as we get older… and yes, you will get older too, so you may want to listen up! 

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What Doctors Really Think…

Welcome to Dr. Magda’s Podcast! I am an Internist and  a Geriatrician wanting to talk about health and well-being in REAL terms, not some medical lingo. All the hard stuff – aging, getting sick, getting better, transitions of all kinds, it’s all game. Plus I will throw in some opinions and thoughts on the health care system and the way we interact with it. Excited to be here and get started with you all!

Check out our new episode!

I don’t get any reimbursement for this and many people have been asking me since I mentioned it on the podcast, so here you go – an awesome service for those who love documentaries – Curiosity Stream